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U.S. Open "LIVE" Trading Webinar Daily 5:45am -9:00am PT (1:45 pm GMT)

In this webinar, You get to sit down and trade with us live every day during the New York Trading Session.

We show you the MACD 3 Trade setups that are qualified. We break them down for you according to the rules and give you the exact entry, stop loss and targets.

The webinar usually generates 3 to 5 trades totalling about 80 to 150 pips a week. Log into the members area to register.

Asian/London Open
Daily Trading Plan Email

This email is our trading plan for the Asian and London sessions. It's just like having us right by your side telling you exactly what to look for.

We send it out Monday-Thursday near the Asian Open with detailed instructions for taking MACD 3 System trades during the Asian & London Opens.

The Daily Trading Plan usually generates 3 to 5 trades and 80 to 150 pips a week.

MACD 3 Forex Trading System Online Course
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You will learn the rules to the MACD 3 System and the 4 Setup Patterns we look for.

It's a day trading system that works on all currency pairs in all market conditions.

You will learn the same system that we have used to give out 80%+ winning trades to our members since 2009!!

Previously Recorded FAST-TRACK Training Webinars

These webinars were recorded in the past to provide a case study breakdown of trade setups we gave out during the week.

This training is available to view in the member's area at your own convenience.

Special Member's Version Pro Charts & Trade Assistant for MT4

As a member you get to use our member's version for as long as you're a member.

These charts are customized specifically for members with automated tools that make trading the MACD 3 System even easier.

Our Trade Assistant manages your trade after you click the button and we also have alerting features built in.

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They are honest, and most importantly have developed a system, that rarely stops out. I have been with them for a couple of years. I admit, you must dedicate time to learn the system, and the new macd 2.0 is even easier to learn. If you master this system, it will teach you how to trade, and earn money. The risk to reward is excellent. I am a lifetime member, the deal was to great to pass up. They are devoted, and Steve is such a great teacher. They are there everyday at 8:45 est for New York session and provide a nightly email with trade recs for Asian/London (which most of the time :) is out by 11:00 pm or so est. These recommendations are done for you, so as you learn you earn. They also have trade management software to further reduce your chances for losing trades. Their reported wins/losses are accurate on their website. In my opinion, give them a try, they are one of the needles in the haystack. As I am writing this, a new trade opened on euraud, and I am up15 pips in a couple of minutes, and best yet, with their trade management I am guaranteed break even now . Thanks Steve and Wade, keep up the great work !
I am submitting my update of MACD3 V2 review. The only thing i am not happy is that I cannot trade it FULL TIME. I moved to another city , having a day job and the thing is if i had the opportunity to trade it full time i certainly would. I will, one day. MACD3 V2 is giving me consistency of between 3-5 % per month. I made more then 25 % since i joined and accuracy is 80 -90 %. Live trading rooms are so helpful, i just hate when I dont get into the room. Solely from Live trading rooms, my entries are 90 % accurate. MACD3 works so good, and every serious trader should try it. Steve and Wade are great guys and I fully support them. MACD3 v2 works perfectly since I have joined. The average risk I do is 0.5 % per trade and I am still making 5 %. Steve and Wade suggest 2 % risk so using that risk its possible to make 20% per month! Fully recommended!
I freaking love MACD3 system. After years of mediocre success and great failure from garbage I had tried to learn, I took a leap of faith with MACD3. What I like is they have daily webinars and show us the trades we should be looking at and even tell us where to enter and exit! These guys are real traders and I am amazed how often the entry is on the exact pip they recommended the pull back to. It is up to you to manage trade and take the time to actually learn the system. However, as you are learning you are earning. You can just take the trades given and make a great number of pips, but if you actually take time to learn and start finding your own trades you will do even better. The training is top notch and the fact that you can be in the daily webinar, while trading the NY session, and ask questions and get immediate feedback. There is also a forum that allows you to talk to other traders while trading London and Asian sessions. I don't feel the traders use that forum to the full advantage it provides though, but that is the individual traders issue. These guys are teaching you to fish while giving you the fish. So I give this system a 5 star becz I have made more pips this month just from the recommended trades than I have with other systems I have used and I am finding great success finding my own trades. If you try this system and can't see the value after the first month they do give refunds. However, these are real traders that we talk to and trade with every day. So, if you are asking for a refund you are probably not doing what they suggest and trying to tweek it yourself. So, no system would work for you because you want to do your own thing. But if you are able to understand English and follow what they are showing you, you will never want a refund.
I have been a member with FTC for over 6 months now, and have been trading for over 4 years. I have had experience of 5 or 6 different systems or trading methods and feel qualified to say that the MACD 3 system is comfortably the best system I have come across. It is imporetnat to understand that MACD 3 is a complete system and methodology and is all you will ever need to successfully trade the FX market. The system is very mechanical and logical and removes most of the subjectivity and guesswork associated with other systems, which for me is crucial in keeping my trading emotions in check and ensuring I only take the very best setups. There are very clear rules and steps to follow and system provides answers for each of the decisions a trader must make while trading. Although simple in its approach, it does take time to learn, but it is well worth it. The system is built around a number of core concepts that were crucial to me, and if you have a grasp of them you will soon learn the MACD 3 approach - Trends, Support & Resistance, Momentum and Multiple Timeframes. In terms of performance, I was already doing reasonably well, but MACD 3 has helped take me to another level. The system is so logical and reliable that it has very few lossses, and keeps you out of bad trades while waiting for the high probability setups. If you put the time and effort in, and attend the live sessions, you can definitely emulate the performance shown in the MACD 3 results. I am also in the process of blending parts of another system i was using with MACD 3 and so far the results have been amazing! The MACD 3 guys are definitely the real deal, and deliver what they say. They do not promise it will be easy or you will be an overnight success, but that is the realities of serious, professional trading and they are well worth the investment.
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